Wood Grain Finishes - 3D Coating Service

Many vehicles reserve the wood grain finishes for the top end models in their range, we can now offer this service, with a leading edge company known as Aqua Dip.

We can coat almost any form of substrate in addition to providing our "SHOW" quality finishes.

This is the same process used to decorate the interior trims of most modern vehicles today. In fact almost every wood grain finish that you see in today's motor vehicle was applied by using the same process.

It is a process which links patterns, design and Colour to be transformed onto any 3-dimensional surface.

This process IS NOT A STICK ON APPLICATION so there is no fading, cracking, peeling, blistering or loose edges that can lift away.

The key element to producing any quality finish is surface preparation, especially before we apply the foundation layer of primer coats. This is one of the most important parts of the process, which, if not performed properly could result in faults further down the track.

All parts that we receive are washed from any surface contamination, rinsed, dried, sanded, and prepared ready for the Aqua Dip process.

We can coat all types of metal, plastic, ceramic and fibreglass surfaces.

We can also custom make covers for BBQ’s, machinery, outdoor kitchens, trolleys etc., there is not a lot we can't cover! We can use PVC, canvas or clear to protect whatever it is from water, dust, dirt, and harmful UV rays.

The Aqua Dip Process Can Be Applied To:

  • Metal,
  • Plastic,
  • Fibreglass
  • Ceramic

Decorative Finishes Include:

  • A wide range of Pearls
  • Harlequin
  • Candy
  • Helicon additives and Prizmatiqe.

Clear Coat Finishes

Matt, Saturn or a high gloss clears that have been modified with UV stabilisers and inhibiters to suit our climate conditions.


We can also do repairs to minor scratches or existing finishes, call for more information or click on Aqua Dip Dip’s link. http://www.aquadip.com.au

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  • Leather & Fabric Seats
  • Soft Tops & Tonneau Covers
  • Motor Cycle Seats
  • Interior & Trims
  • Marine
  • Floors & Ceilings

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