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Water Leakage & Sunroof Problems

  • Replacing shattered or cracked glass
  • Problems opening or closing
  • Wind noise to water leaks
  • Motor & track assembly
  • Assembly lube track & rails

We offer free estimates and can do temporary repairs to save you from a leaky vehicle. Don't forget that we can work with your insurance company to get your vehicle back on the road.

Water Leakage & Sunroof

Water leaks can cause many problems to vehicles including electrical problems, damp, and condensation build-up on the inside of glass. These problems usually occur when your fitted sunroof becomes faulty or if the drains block. At Sydney Motor Trimmers we specialise in rectifying this problem and getting to the source of the water leak. We can also rempve carpets and replace underlay once the leak has been stopped which will rid the car of the rotten smell.

Sunroof Problems

Often sunroofs will just stop working, they are a complicated design and most of the working mechanisms is concealed beneath the roof. We can repair factory sunroofs where parts are still available, sometimes it will just require a clean and service while other times it will require new parts like cables, motors or tracks. 

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