Cabriolets & Convertible & Soft Top Repair

Whether it’s a cabriolet, sports, prestige or 4 X 4 our replacement soft top service offers the very best in quality and value for money. We only fit the very best after market and original equipment hoods. These are made from the finest materials that are heat welded and CAD cut to ensure a perfect and water tight fit.

So whether its restoration, insurance or you just fancy a change of colour or fabric, just contact us or pop in for a fully fitted quotation.

When it comes to convertible tops, it is easy to let the little repairs go undone. As we all know, if left undone little things usually become big, and inexpensive repairs can grow to become very expensive. Our advice, don't wait until you need an extreme makeover, fix it now!

Soft Top Window Replacement and Repairs

Damaged, scratched, discoloured or cracked rear window section? The effects of sunlight, cold temperatures and chemicals can cause these problems to 'soft' vinyl windows. This is a fairly common problem and the solution does not always require complete replacement of the top.

We can fit into the existing hood new sections in either clear or tinted PVC, restoring the original appearance and visibility. We can also repair worn sections, tears and slashes in an existing hood.


New vehicles have airbags built into the seats, the airbag deploys through the specially stitched seam which needs to be done on a certified machine to high standard to meet the manufactures standards. Our covers are made using the latest technology and the computer controlled sewing machines produce reliable tracable results ensure your safety.

Soft Top & Hood Repair

Thieves and vandals slash tops. If you can't afford to replace it, we may be able to repair your convertible top by patching it. Once slashed, there is no way to make a slash disappear or make the patch invisible.

When making a patch repair our goal is to make your convertible top weatherproof again and then to minimise the look of the patch. There is no such thing as a convertible top repair kit to patch tops - each patch is a fully custom repair.

Convertible top headliners have their own problems. Headliners often come loose from attachment points or sag around rear windows. Convertible Audi, BMW, Holden and Mercedes tops use a string system to allow headliner movement. This system sometimes goes awry and makes the top appear broken. The repair for these problems is sometimes as simple as replacing a string

Glass window rebonding

After much research we have developed a solution to repair glass window which have delaminated from the cloth soft tops. Over time the material comes unglued from the window glass which caused leaking and eventually the convertable widow falls out compleThis problem is bery common on Audi TT, Audi A4, Audi A1, Audi A5, VW Beetle, Chrysler Crossfire, Saabs, Volvo C70 as well as many other tops. We have specially made Jigs and discovered the correctly formulated adhesive which will successfully glue the glass window back to the cloth soft top saving you thousands on a new roof.

Insurance approved

We are approved and recognised by many local main franchise car dealerships, leading car body shops, repairers and insurance companies. All call upon our expertise and experience to provide a high quality yet cost effective solution to their requirements for hoods, tops and repairs.

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