Motorcycle and Scooter Leather & Vinyl Repairs

At Sydney Motor Trimmers we specialise in all forms of motorcycle & Scooters trimming and re-upholstery. From standard re-cover and repairing of motorcycle seats, to customised pattern and unique designs we have many years of experience with all model motorcycles to ensure a quality job.

Further customisation is possible with lowering the motorcycle or Scooters seat and reshaping the foam for a more ergonomic, personalised seat which will improve your comfort, ride, and standing position

There are various repairs we can fix such as scuffs, scratches, burns, rips, tears, stains, colour loss & restoration. We can repair just about any damage to leather or vinyl. Please email us if you require a repair that is not listed.

What Type of Damage Can We Repair?

Scuffs, normal scratches, cat scratches, tears, splits, burns, holes, seat repairs and restoration on all Motor Cycle Seats and Scooters

With a wide variety of custom Choppers, Harleys and sports bikes these days we can safely say that there is a need to compliment any custom made ride whether it is on 4 wheels or 2. At Sydney Motor Trimmers we specialise in motorcycle seats and can create any design with almost every material that is required.

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