Carpets & Rubber Flooring

Carpets & Rubber Flooring

With so many different floor coverings available, you might think it's difficult to know which one is right for you. Thankfully, we have taken care of the dirty work. We've categorised and classified them, so picking the right type of floor covering is straight forward. Choose from all-weather rubber and PVC that will wear well and clean easy to plush carpet with luxurious pile, marine carpet, economy cut and loop piles, original German, English and of course Italian. We are able to offer moulded carpets as well as full tailored carpets and rubber or PVC floors

Carpet Repairs

The most common repair needed is when the heel wears a hole on the drivers foot well from normal use of the pedals, this problem can often be solved cost effectively without having to replace the whole carpet. Heel pads will cover the hole and offer protection to your carpet, best of all it can often be done while you wait.

Tailored Rubber Mats

ONew rubber mats and car mats are tailored to your car or van. We supply heavy duty rubber mats manufactured from natural rubber.

Each car mat is tailored.

  • Heavy duty rubber mats for all-weather protection for your car
  • Fully tailored car mats
  • Cut from the finest natural rubber- not from vinyl or cheaper rubbers and plastics
  • Easy to clean - simply wipe down mats with a damp cloth. Providing full protection against wear and tear for your car.

If you cannot find rubber mats for your vehicle type, please drop in and we can see what we can custom make for you

Boot Mats and Liners

We offer installation of premium quality highly durable rubber boot mats in new condition at affordable prices. Protecting your car, ute or 4x4 against unwanted boot/load area space damage. These boot mats are also sometimes referred to as cargo mats.

  • Heavy duty
  • Fully tailored manufactured from automotive approved rubbers and plastics
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Helps to maintain the residual value of your vehicle by limiting load area space damage
  • Providing full protection against wear and tear for your car
  • Easy to roll and remove
  • Ideal for tradesmen/sporting individuals/golfers/shoppers
  • If you find the right cargo mat, boot mat or boot liner for your vehicle type, please contact to check availability or whether it can be sourced for you.

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