Café and Commercial Upholstery

Café and Commercial Upholstery We at Sydney Motor Trimmers not only do trimming of vehicles but a major part of what we do is cushions and commercial Upholstery. Some examples are café lounges, restaurant chairs, dining booth seating, pub stools, outdoor cushions and covers as well as nightclub lounges.

New Seating

We are happy to work with you architect or carpenter for new projects and pride ourselves in delivery high quality work on time, we understand any hold up can become a cost in lost revenue and we ensure we hold up our end of the work.

We can provide advice on materials or we are happy to work with your designer. All material need to be fire rated, we can also apply a fire retardant coating to new unrated materials or even existing materials to make sure they comply with council regulations.

Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushions can enhance any outdoor area, whether it is a beer garden, an alfresco dining area or just some cushions to go by the pool. For outdoor use we use and recommend a Dry cell foam as it will not hold water and an outdoor canvas which is now available in some amazing Colours and designs. Drop in or call to discuss what you require and see our range of fabrics.

Existing Seating

Give your customers something to talk about with a new look, simply replacing the covering on the seating in a Café or Restaurant can give it a whole new feel. Nothing brings down the impression of an eatery like sitting on torn old seats. Our large staff enables us to turn complete the work quickly minimising down time.

Safety Padding

Does your workplace have dangerous or sharp areas that require padding? We can custom make padding to suit your specialised needs. As an example we have made padding for aircraft hangers, laboratories, schools, gyms and stables.


We can also custom make covers for BBQ’s, machinery, outdoor kitchens, trolleys etc., there is not a lot we can't cover! We can use PVC, canvas or clear to protect whatever it is from water, dust, dirt, and harmful UV rays.


Is your Gym equipment padding starting to crack and tear? We currently work with a number of large gyms and provide a service of re-trimming padding on benches and machines which ensures they uphold a professional look and maintain a safe gym.

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