Aircraft Motor Trimming Services

We are not aircraft seat builders or manufacturers, we are simply involved in the re-upholstery of aircraft passenger seating and the interior trimming upholstery of the cabin and cockpit.

At Sydney Motor Trimmers, we understand how important fast turnaround is, in returning the re-upholstered seats. We ensure a fast turnaround without compromising the quality of the upholstery craftsmanship.

Whether it is a PLA (Private Light Aircraft) or a commercial/ business plane or helicopter, usually the pilot and/or passengers travel to their destination seated.

This is due to not only the safety aspects of commuting atmospherically on take off and landing, but also due to the time it takes to reach the destination. The level of comfort in the pilot/passenger seating area is a high priority.

Sydney Motor Trimmers is fully experienced in all aspects of interior refurbishing. The quality you expect from us is evident in all of our interior work from two-seaters, helicopters and twins, to corporate business jets.

We take pride in going beyond normal expectations for interior workshops to meet the needs of clients not willing to sacrifice quality for price.

We offer a full seat re-trimming service and when necessary can carry out all types of repairs to damaged seats, carpets, headlining and door panels. A lot of work is carried out in both leather and commercial grade vinyl. Whether it is a full custom install or restoring a classic to its original specification we will deliver a result you will be happy with.

Aircraft Seats Re-upholstery

Our trained upholsterers work with you to create an interior for your aircraft that is beautifully appointed and flawlessly executed to exceed your expectations.

From complete refurbishments to select improvements, every project is given the time and attention to detail.

All seats will be stripped to frames; mechanicals will be checked to make sure they are in good working order. They can be cleaned, masked, primed and painted to match new seat colour. They can then be re-foamed in multi-density foams as per customer specifications and recovered in full-grain premium leather or first quality fabrics.

Upon removal of all interior plastic trim, it is inspected and you will be notified of any new parts needed.. All new parts can be trimmed to fit and painted to match colour. All remaining plastic can be cleaned, any small cracks repaired, prepped and painted.

Aircraft Interior Sidewalls

All sidewalls can be stripped of old materials and inspected. They can be re-foamed with high-density, flame retardant foam and covered in your selection of fabric or leather. Armrests can also be re-foamed and covered.

Aircraft Carpet Repair

Premium carpet can be cut, fit and bound and installed throughout.

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